Samsung Pay + Your NetBank Visa® Card

Turn Your Phone into Your Favorite Form of Payment

With Samsung Pay, you can easily turn your phone into your favorite form of payment. Samsung Pay allows you to use your NetBank debit card and all of your credit, gift, membership, and rewards cards through your Samsung mobile device.

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What is Samsung Pay?

Now you can store all of your cards conveniently in one place and access them as a method of payment online, in app, and in stores whenever you like. Change the way you pay by using your phone and Samsung Pay for quick and easy checkout.

Samsung Pay is available on all of the latest Samsung mobile devices. With Samsung Pay, your device can be used as your preferred method of payment wherever you like to shop.

Samsung Pay is just one of the many free online banking tools available to NetBank customers with checking or savings accounts.

How to Use Samsung Pay

1. Activate
Find the app pre-installed on your phone or download it from Google Play. Then, sign in to your Samsung account.

2. Lock Down Security
Scan your fingerprint or iris and enter a pin so that you can authenticate future purchases.

3. Add Your NetBank Debit Card
Open the Samsung Pay app and tap “ADD> Add a credit card or debit card.” Align your payment card inside the frame, and Samsung Pay will automatically detect the card number and expiration date. Enter any remaining required information and follow the prompts through the Terms of Service and Verification steps.

4. Use Samsung Pay
You can now use your NetBank debit card through your Samsung mobile device wherever you shop.

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NetBank and Samsung Pay Data Security

You can feel safe using the Samsung Pay mobile payment app knowing that Samsung doesn’t store or share your payment information. Through a process called tokenization, a unique, randomly generated set of numbers will be created for each transaction so that your actual card number will never be shared with vendors. Each transaction also requires a fingerprint, iris, or pin number authentication.

Shop in Stores or in Apps with a Single Touch

The Samsung Pay merchant network is continually growing. Learn more about how you can use Samsung Pay by visiting

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